Standard Process

We can create a timber frame kit to get you started on building your very own tiny timber frame cabin. We can also assist in assembly at your option. Here's how it works.

Step 1. Select a design, contact us, and we'll provide an estimate, including optional customization

Let us know which design you are interested in, and we will provide one free estimate for the ready-to-assemble frame. If you need customization of one of our designs, we will work with our architect to design and estimate the changes. Architect's fee may apply.

Step 2. Obtaining material

We build our timber frames from trees that are sustainably-harvested with the health of our native forests in mind. You can select one or more species of wood for your frame, including red oak, white oak, white pine, cherry, walnut, or aspen. Other species may also be available from time-to-time.

Inclement weather does play a factor in obtaining raw material.  We will do our best to keep you informed about delays due to weather conditions.

Step 3. Milling

We cut each beam component of our timber frames on our sawmill in Northeastern Ohio. Kiln-drying of beams is available but is not necessary for timber frame construction.

Step 4. Hand-cut joinery

Our experienced timber frame craftsmen will hand-craft each joint of your frame. Please allow us sufficient time to get your frame perfect.

Step 5. Delivery & optional assembly

We will transport the disassembled frame components to your construction site. We offer assembly services or assembly consultation services. Frame assembly typically takes about a week. A small crane or similar equipment is usually required to hoist the assembled roof trusses into place.

Ready to get started on your project? Contact us with inquiries at (330) 388-1823 or email us.