A Timber Framer’s Playlist

Photo by  Kirsten Carr  on  Unsplash

Photo by Kirsten Carr on Unsplash

Despite my musical upbringing, Dan is the real music-lover in our family. As we go about our days, my default is to choose quiet, and it rarely occurs to me that turning on some music to complement our activities or smooth out our ragged emotions is even an option. Danny often jars me out of my trance in the late afternoon with, “Mama, can we turn on some music?”

But for Dan, for as long as I’ve known him, music is the default. Most days will find him on the move in his Chevy Silverado, footwells filled with dried chunks of mud, passenger seat filled with papers, and a constant stream of companionable sound flowing from the dashboard, either as a bluetooth phone call with a customer, employee or supplier, or as music.

Also despite my musical upbringing, Dan’s taste in music is better than mine. Aside from a few favorite songs, when I do tune in it’s either to Danny’s playlist of favorites (Raffi and Frances England are heavily featured), or to Dan’s. So today I thought I’d share a list of songs that are in regular rotation in Dan’s truck, for anyone curious as to what a timber framer’s playlist sounds like. Enjoy!

Timber Framer’s Playlist on Spotify

Morning Has Broken Yusef/Cat Stevens / Meet Me in the Woods Lord Huron / Things Behind the Sun Nick Drake / Hurt Johnny Cash / My Baby Don’t Tolerate Lyle Lovett / Stay Gold First Aid Kit / It’s a Big Old Goofy World John Prine / To Ohio The Low Anthem / Head Full of Doubts/Road Full of Promise The Avett Brothers / The Cave Mumford & Sons / Simple as This Jake Bugg / Wherever is Your Heart Brandi Carlile