Currently: Creative Life


A snapshot of this week’s activities at OCH and at home:

  • Adapting a healthy Mediterranean menu to a 5-year-old palate.

  • Adapting a public-school curriculum to a gifted, anxious, dyslexic, ambidextrous process-thinker with auditory sensitivity.

  • Conducting a lesson in animal track identification, in part to address life science learning concepts, and in part to get us out of the house during this late-winter, early spring, cabin-fever-inducing freeze.

  • Installing a random-width, multi-species wood-paneled accent wall from scrap boards left over after cutting timbers on the sawmill.

  • Redecorating the living room around said accent wall on a limited budget.

  • Re-purposing cut-off ends from said scrap boards into an art project.

  • Planning a new blog post for the OCH website around themes expressed in Walt Whitman’s “Song of the Broad Axe” from Leaves of Grass.

  • Discussing new marketing angles.

  • Researching a new product line idea inspired by the interior decorating challenges particular to timber frame homes.

  • Reworking daily plans and goals several times per day due to circumstances that seem to change on a near-hourly basis (power outages, medical issues, late deliveries, pending deposits, broken parts, non-level ceilings, non-matching wood stain, just to name a few).

  • And always, always … envisioning the future of OCH, near-term and long-term, as business decisions demand to be made in steady succession without let-up.

Through it all there is a strong sense that it all adds up to a deeply creative, deeply fulfilling way to live and work. That we’re full-time fully engaged in all the things that matter most. That we’re all in this together, each bringing the strengths we have now, the needs we have now, the goals we are working toward. The smiles for each other, the words of encouragement, the belief in each other and hope for the future.

It all adds up to something, this life of small business ownership and homeschooling.