Modern Modular Home or Cabin

Are you looking to build a cabin or modest-sized home? Do you appreciate the craftsmanship of timber frames and have a modern design aesthetic? Our Modern Modular is designed to be expandable and repeatable, depending on your needs. Based on a minimum-sized 10' x 12' rectangular unit with a simple sloped roof, you can increase the size of the base unit, put two or more units together in a variety of layouts, and/or remove the optional second-floor loft. 

Modern Modular 1.jpg
Modern Modular 2.jpg
Modern Modular 3.jpg


Pricing for 850 sq. Ft frame starts at $26,265 for:

  • sustainablE white Pine

  • Traditional Handcrafted joinery

  • Simple, Flexible, Expandable Design

  • Durable Low-maintenance Construction

  • Potential for passive solar

We can create a timber frame for your project, deliver it to your site, and assemble it, anywhere in the Continental United States.

First floor floor plan

First floor floor plan

Loft floor plan

Loft floor plan

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