About Us

Dan Ogonek, Owner & President of OCH

Dan Ogonek, Owner & President of OCH

Roman Troyer, Master Timber Framer

Roman Troyer, Master Timber Framer

Our History

Ogonek Custom Hardwoods (OCH) was started in 1985 by Dr. Joseph Ogonek, father of the current owner, Dan Ogonek. A family physician by profession, Dr. Ogonek enjoyed spending time on his two Ohio tree farms and engaging his 11 children with the care, maintenance, and enjoyment of the properties. OCH began as a firewood and custom sawing business to provide earning opportunities for the kids during school breaks. Dan (number 10 of the 11) took over in 1998 and has overseen its evolution into a timber framing construction and design company.

Along the way we've worked on a wide variety of custom projects including timber frames both large and small; everything from barns and large residences to porches and even beehives! We have expertise in square rule joinery as taught to us by master timber framer, Roman Troyer, who has been hand-crafting timber frames, as well as fine furniture, fixtures and guitars, for many years.  

Our Philosophy


Why build a timber frame structure when there are other, often less-expensive construction methods available? Simply because of the unparalleled beauty. Timber frames offer an experience that speaks to many of the senses, with the glowing natural wood integrated so intimately into the living space and available at all times to touch, smell, and even hear.


We believe in building beautiful structures that will last for generations. Hand-cut joinery offers artistry and durability not often encountered in other construction methods today. Timber frames built in Medieval Europe, Japan, and by the First People of the Pacific Northwest have been known to last for hundreds of years. We often say that our timber frames are the equivalent of a fine piece of custom hand-crafted furniture on a larger scale. And just like an heirloom-quality piece, you'll want to pass your timber frame down to your children and grandchildren.

"Slow Building" & Sustainability

OCH was founded on the ideals of sustainable tree farming practices and remains true to those ideals today, sourcing our logs from suppliers who adhere to sustainable harvesting practices, or from customers' own properties. We like to call what we do "slow building", since like "slow food", every step of our process--from sourcing the logs to executing the customer's vision--is done with a commitment to the environment, community, and carrying on artisanal-level building traditions.