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Letting Our Kids See Us Work

At the OCH shop, four-year-old Danny has his own dedicated desk filled with Lego, toy vehicles and letter puzzles, as well as a variety of findings from around the shop; scraps of wood, shop pencils, safety glasses, tape measures. There, he meets the men that surround Dan during the day, witnessing both their strength in flipping 40 foot timbers and their gentleness in speaking to him. There, he sees that work can be both dirty and dignified.

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Appreciating (and Teaching) Subtleties

Ogonek Custom Hardwoods’ main differentiator from our competition is the high-quality  craftsmanship we invest in every project we work on. Sadly it’s a reality of life today that we are surrounded by lower-quality things ... to the point that we many not recognize high quality when we see it or appreciate the difference. ... Through my association with OCH I am starting see the difference. And seeing it requires slowing down, looking closely, and experiencing first-hand.

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